7+ Sample Romantic Letters

A romantic letter, as the title suggests it is written to your beloved, to husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Romantic letters are supposed to be the finest letter to express the finest feeling of love. Everyone wants someone to love him or her and to praise him or her. Though leaving a message is the instant or quickest mode of showing love and express feelings but it can not replace a letter. A letter provides enough and good space to write your heart out, telling the other person how important the person is.

A romantic letter is a very private and personal letter, writing a romantic letter is quite easy at the same time quite difficult. Though expressing the feeling of love is easy but it is always difficult to decide from where to start. So the letter should address the person who is recipient, salutation should be affectionate, words like dear, sweetheart, darling, dearest. Body of the letter is the main part that will work for you really, start the body of the letter telling how much worthy the person is, assure the person that you love him or her.

You should sound true and genuine in your thought, words and expressions. Write about the qualities of the other person, what soothes you the most about them, what strengths you have and what makes you get inclined towards them. Write down the moments or memories you share together, mention how does the other person make you feel. Write down that how you feel this knot of your relationship and if there is anything that makes relationship special, do mention in your letter genuinely. Select appropriate vocabulary, and fill your letter with true feelings. Avoid any negative comment or blaming the other person for anything. Conclude your letter with warm wishes. A sample of romantic letter is attached with this template to help you to draft a perfect letter of your own.

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