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34+ Reference Letters Samples (Character | Job )

A reference letter is written to refer a person, his services for someone else. Reference letter is written when we know someone properly, and one’s capability. Sometimes a reference letter is requested by the candidate, so you should know the person well. Though there are no hard and fast rules to write a reference letter but some guidelines are here that will help you out in writing a perfect reference letter. Referring someone is a tough task and it put loads of responsibility on the person referring. At this page you can download multiple free reference letter templates for various occasions.

First of all you should know the person well and this is what you have to mention in your letter, also mention that for how long you know the person, which you are referring. You should also mention the skills or qualities of the candidate. If you know about any special field of work, or if you have any working relation with the candidate, do mention it in your letter. You should also high light some qualities of the candidate like working ability, expertise, if you know about special field of work, or if you have any working relation with the candidate. You should also high light some qualities of the candidate like working competency, analytical approach, academic achievements, and level of interaction.

It is better to give a reference of your own qualification and working abilities, so that reader could take a serious note, mention the key points in an attractive way, do not make your letter a brief statement but also avoid making it elaborate. It is better to restrict it to one page. You should use a good language and appropriate words in your letter. The tone of the letter should be strong and official. Letter should be typed and should cover different aspects of one’s official and working abilities. Read your letter well before sending it. Here is a sample of reference letter attached with this template of letter of reference..

Reference Letter Samples:


Reference Letter from a Manger

General Reference Letter for Job

Reference from Head Of The Department

Reference Letter from Neighbor

Reference Letter from a Doctor

Reference Letter for Internship

Reference Letter from Current Employer

Teacher Reference Letter

Reference Letter For Higher Studies

Reference Letter from Professor

Child Custody Reference Letter

Nanny Reference Letter

Cover Letter Reference

Trade Reference Letter

College Reference Letter

Employment Reference Letter

Adoption Reference Letter

Character Reference Letter

Student Reference Letter

Scholarship Reference Letter

Reference Letter for a Friend

Tenant Reference Letter

Sample Employee Reference Letter

Work Reference letter

Scholarship Reference Letter

Landlord Reference Letter

Business Reference letter

Employer Reference Letter

Character Reference Letter

Reference Thank You Letter

Reference Letter Format:

Employer reference Letter

Job Reference Letter:

Character Reference For Employment:

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