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10+ Sample Referral Letters

Literally referral means to make a comparison, or a frame of reference. A letter of referral can be written recommend an action or support for a decision, a reference for change in a service or product, reference about something or someone, recommending a job for a candidate. All these scenarios demand different in its sense and requirement. Some of the basic rules or an outline can lead to an easy way of writing a referral letter that could be modified according to the requirement. Following are some of the areas of concern which should be concerned in each letter of referral letter.

First of all your reference letter should be thoughtful and true in its sense. You should mention in your letter that how do you know the person you are referring and how it is according to the requirement of the recipient or how it can benefit reader. You can also list out some exceptional qualities of the candidate of anything you are referring, like accuracy, competency, applicability, reliability; analytical approach. You should highlight the key points but should not exaggerate. Write truth about the potential of the person or something you are referring, also mention how much beneficial it should prove.

You should avoid all sorts of discrimination and do not mention the personal details of the candidate. You should be specific, generalized praise does not pay back and is wastage of reader’s time. Your ending statement should be strong, reassure the reader that your reference can be helpful for the recipient in any way. You should also assure the reader that your recommendation is truly in favor of the reader. Before sending the letter, make sure that you are doing it right and the reference is appropriate, you should proofread your letter before sending it and your letter should be signed by you. Sample of letter of referral is attached with this template; it will give you a better understanding of the above mentioned template.

Download Sample Referral Letters Here

Personal Referral Letter

Sample Referral Letter

Company Referral Letter Example

Referral Letter Example

Employee Referral Letter

Referral Letter For Student

Business Referral Letter

Medical Referral Letter

Referral Letter Format

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