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15+ Free Sample Inquiry Letters

Inquire is to get to know about something or find out the stuff you do not know. Either you write a letter of inquiry to know about something or you are responding to a letter of inquiry. Whatever it is, your letter should be having some of the salient features. You should start your letter stating that that you are (your title, position, or status), in what capacity you are writing this letter, either you are a student, a scholar, a researcher or any interested consumer. You should state clearly what is that you are inquiring about and what kind of favor you want from the recipient of the letter, in response of your request. You should try to make your inquiry specified about the topic and do not add extra things to it.

As an inquiry let someone knows about a thing deeply so it should include a brief explanation about the purpose of the letter that you wanted to accomplish. Such an explanation may enable the reader, to act exactly according to your demand. You should also mention a date or a specific time period within which you need information or services to be provided.

You should generally give at least some time or a couple of weeks to the recipient to provide you that you have requested for or to respond your inquiry. You can also add a note that you want make the given or shared information, confidential. It possibly will add to the chances of a positive response to your letter. Do not forget to provide your contact information in detail, to the recipient of your letter. It will be easier for the reader to contact you. If a person responds to your inquiry letter and provides you required information then it’s a good gesture to write him or her back a thank you letter/note. Here is a sample of letter of inquiry, provided for the help of readers along with this template.

Download Sample Inquiry Letters:

Research Inquiry Letter:

Real Estate Inquiry Letter:

Inquiry Letter for Computer:

Inquiry Letter After Interview:

Congressional Inquiry Letter:

Credit Inquiry Explanation Letter:

Credit Report Inquiry Letter:

Letter Of Inquiry Sample

Opening Inquiry Letter

Interview Inquiry Letter

Inquiry Letter Example

Inter Company Inquiry Letter

Inquiry Letter Format

Job Inquiry Letter

Offer Inquiry Letter

Employment Inquiry Letter

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