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11+ Sample Persuasion Letters

Letter of the persuasion is written to convince others about particular issue or problem. Persuasion is a difficult thing to do but following some key points can help us to do it in a better way. Letter of persuasion can be written to different people for different reasons. Each scenario will demand a different kind of letter from you but here are some of the key points, which can help you to write a balanced and effective persuasion letter. Before starting your letter you should collect idea about what you want to pursue your reader, why you want it. This will help you to clearly understand what your arguments are.

Without connecting to the main purpose of writing a letter persuasion you would not be able to create an effective letter, for this you should also know who is the recipient, if he agrees or disagrees with you and if he has a neutral approach. Your letter should be aligned and should meet the requirements and  all the points should be presented well, though it should not be detailed but it should make all the relevant points well. You should prepare all the argument properly and counter arguments and it is recommended to cover even the counter argument in your letter.

You are suggested to base your persuasion letter on facts and statistics, and further strengthen your point by logic. Though the letter is argumentative, still you need to be very polite and respectful. As you are convincing someone and that possibly could be against reader’s personal approach so your points should be strong to pursue any kind of audience. Before writing a final draft of letter of persuasion make sure that your letter covers all the areas. Close your letter thanking the person to take time out for considering your letter. Stay hopeful that the recipient will entertain the letter accordingly. This template provides sample of letter of persuasion as well, you can also get help from the sample to draft your letter of persuasion.

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