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11+ Sample Congratulation Letters

Life is all about struggle, we put effort to make our life better, for a goal, accomplishment and to get something. When such efforts bear fruits and then deserve to be appreciated. A note of appreciation is named as congratulation letter; such a letter can be written for numerous reasons, for example on getting a new job, on winning election, promotion, appointment, accomplishment, wedding, engagement, graduation, publishing a book or article, winning a contest and many more reasons. A congratulation note can be sent by post, email or you can forward a personal note verbally. This kind of letter carries feelings of the sender. As there are many reasons to write congratulation letter so the content of the letter varies according to the scenario. But there are some of the steps which should be followed in every letter.

The letter should always address the recipient, the person who deserves this congratulation, name of the person should be written on the letter. The tone of the letter should be polite. As the congratulation letters could be both of official and personal nature. So the style of the letter will be decided on the basis, which you are writing. Official letters will be having a formal tone and language, whereas; personal letter (family and friends) will be of informal nature. No matter what kind of congratulation letter we are writing but it should depict our feelings well, the words and phrases should be appropriate and powerful enough to leave a great impact on the reader/recipient. The letter should be concise and all kind of exaggeration should be avoided.

A congratulation letter can also help to bridge up gaps with others, can also make your connection stronger and healthy with all those, you are already in good terms. Letter should not be delayed. Subject of the letter should be clear that for what reason you are writing, make your words genuine and friendly, so that reader could understand tat you really mean what you are saying and it is a highly motivated note. You should mention the potential the person has and also that he/she truly deserved it sign the letter off and reread it before sending. You will also find samples of congratulation letter here to help you out.

Sample Congratulation Letters Are Added Here

Congratulation Letter For Best Performance Award

Congratulation Letter 40

Congratulation Letter For Graduation

Congratulation Letter 30

Congratulation Letter For Student Award

Congratulation Letter 10 download now

Congratulation Letter For Successful Career

Congratulation Letter 20

Congratulation Letter On Achievement

Congratulation Letter 50

Congratulation Letter Sample

Congratulation Letter 60

Congratulation Letter For Award Winning

Congratulation Letter 70

Blank Congratulation Letter To Friend

Congratulation Letter 80 download now

Congratulation Letter On Article

Congratulation Letter For New Job

Congratulation Letter 100

Congratulation Letter To Friend

Congratulation Letter 101

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