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25+ Free Letter of resignation Templates

Get the free and editable letter of resignation template word right here from this site. If you are leaving your current job, don’t left out without submitting a formal letter of resignation to your HR manager or boss. Resignation letter could be considered as your last impression to your company and last impression is always more lasting than first impression.  Perhaps the reasons for your resignation are fair in your mind yet it’s not unnatural to feel missing of words, that’s why give your resignation a feel of professional paperwork is quite necessary.

MS WORD has been considered the best software to compose various types of letters. If you want to write a letter of resignation to leave your job, you can make one using WORD, but if you aren’t sure how to write such letter you can use our letter of resignation templates word for your inspiration. These letter of resignation templates word are designed to keep your work at ease, as by using their editing and customizing features one can easily make their resignation. Scroll down to see such amazing templates.

Get Free Letter of resignation Templates

A letter of resignation is an official letter drafted to announce the employee’s intention to leave a designation currently held. The main purpose of resignation letter is to inform your employer that you are leaving your job yet you can also use it as a chance to grow relationships by leaving a positive note on it even after you are no more with the company. Moreover, this letter helps you to announce to HR department of your company, superiors and co-workers your decision to leave your current employment. This letter simply requires your name, date, the position you’re resigning for, person to who you are addressing, when your resignation will become effected, your signatures and so on.

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