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12+ Sample Appointment Letters

Usually a letter of appointment is an official letter; it is a document that serves as the first piece of information to the applicant, telling him that he has been selected among many on the post he applied for. Appointment letter is a formal letter so it must be from the highest authority in the organization, the letter should be typed on a letter head, and the language of the letter should be formal. The letter should be addressed to the one who has been appointed, and should also be having the detail of the designation. The date of issuance of the letter along with the date from which the appointment is effective, should be mentioned in the letter.

As the letter of appointment validates the future consideration and work like a bridge between two parties agreed to enter into a contract so, all the specifications must be mentioned in the letter clearly. Such as, salary, the date of joining, packages, benefits, leave structure and probation period (if any). The information about the person (name and address) whom the letter has been served, along with all the important points, the mode of working must be mentioned clearly to avoid any future confusion.

Appointment letter is the first letter that applicant receives from the organization to kick off employment relationship, so it should be having congratulating tone. The letter should be sensitively yet professionally crafted, having a warm and welcoming opening note. The purpose of writing this letter should be elaborated, covering all areas of applicant’s responsibilities towards the organization, as an employee. A date should also be mentioned by which the organization would like the appointment letter to be returned, a time limit within which the applicant has to show his willingness to join by giving his consent or the date of joining. Ending of the letter should be having signature and stamp of the authority, who is issuing the letter. You can also find some sample of Letter of Appointment with this template.

Get Free Sample Appointment Letters Below

Job Appointment Letter

appointment letter 80

Letter Of Appointment

appointment letter 10

Staff Appointment Letter

appointment letter 20 download now

University Membership Appointment Letter

appointment letter 30 download now

Sample Appointment Letter

appointment letter 40 download now

Appointment Letter For Executive Position

appointment letter 50 download now

Senior Designer Appointment Letter

appointment letter 60

Faculty Appointment Letter

appointment letter 70 download now

Employment Appointment Letter

appointment letter 90

Appointment Letter To Committee

appointment letter 100 download now

Investment Manager Appointment Letter

appointment letter 101 download now

Sample Letter Of Appointment

appointment letter 102

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