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9+ Letter Of Sympathy Samples

 A letter of sympathy shows and conveys one’s feelings and emotions for other’s loss. This loss could be of any kind, it could be a death, or any misfortune. Life tests all of us hard and we go through the ups and downs of life, at any such moment we need kind words of our close ones and sympathy from our dear ones. Though words can not fulfill the loss but can surely lessen the intensity of the bitterness of the loss. We can easily get sympathy cards from market but there is no replacement of a written letter, a letter of sympathy are personal letters but sometimes it could be official letter.

Here are some of the important points we should consider while writing a sympathy letter. Though you can not exactly figure out what would be the feelings of other person so just try to make an estimate that how the recipient would be feeling about it. You should keep your letter brief, in a bad phase no one wants to read long letters. Letter should sound realistic, words, expressions and phrases should not be copied from somewhere but draft yourself and express your true feelings in it.

If your letter is about death, you can relate your terms with the deceased or any good memories, if you have any. Pay tribute to the deceased, any time you spent together, any special characteristic of the deceased. Your letter should offer encouragement to reader and help the recipient to get over the loss; your words can boost the spirits of the reader and making him or her to forget the grief. Yu should offer your condolences in best possible way, sound sincere and genuine. Your letter should be comfortable, and you can also offer practical help to the reader. So do not promise any certain thing but offer that you can be asked in the time of need and you are always there to help the reader.

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Letter of sympathy on death of Mother:

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