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8+ Letter Of Reprimand Samples

Reprimand means an oral punishment or calling down. There could be many reasons of writing a letter of reprimand; it could be to an employee for poor performance, for giving a warning, for breach of policy, for poor attendance, to a tenant from landlord. There could be other reasons as well. As it is clear from the definition of the word that this letter should be written to point out any act of negligence done by the recipient. This letter is an official document so should be written in a formal way, pointing out the issue. Before writing this letter you should know what are the policies or the procedure, laid down by the company policy, what the employee has done and how it should be settled.

Before writing a letter of reprimand make sure that all the facts are accurate and ask for an accusation. Your letter should be very clear and use a language that specifies the intention of writing this letter. It is better to have a conversation with the other party or the employee to tell the situation or the wrong on their part. If the situation does not get better then you can issue the letter of reprimand as a last resort but indicate that why the other party or the employee is being punished.

Start your letter with a brief description of employee’s positive side; mention some of the qualities of his or her good behavior. Clearly mention why you are writing this letter, do not sound confused and be direct and mention the problem properly. Clearly mention the procedure or the policy does not allow such negligence or malpractice committed by the recipient. You should also mention some situations or incidents which gave rise to the need of writing this letter, making the reader realize that it is not for the first time that this issue popped up, it happened earlier. Describe the actions that employee can take to handle the situation and also mention the deadline of such an action. You can also get help from a sample of the letter attached here with this template.

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Reprimand Letter Format

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Soldier Letter Of Reprimand

Letter Of Reprimand For CDR

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Letter Of Reprimand Sample

Letter Of Reprimand 003

Public Letter Of Reprimand

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Letter Of Reprimand Example

Letter Of Reprimand 007

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